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Sinkhron-Plus has been working in the translations market since 1996 (under the name AAA Interpretation and Translation until 2006). We also provide personnel training as we run courses of conference interpretation, translation, and oil-and-gas terminology. One more line of business is organizing international conferences and seminars.


The Oil & Gas Course is very popular among oil-producing companies operating in Russia. A number of their employees have graduated from our courses. We use a methodology of our own and our own textbook (and audio-course on CD). One of our translators – the late Boris Klimzo – has written a book on engineering and technical translation. We also use it in our courses.


Working against tough deadlines and meeting them is our competitive advantage. Working on holidays, weekends, and overnight is not new to us.


When the deadline for a translation is more than 24 hours, all translations go through an editor/reviser that checks them not only for terminology but consistency as well. This is important, as many translations are large in volume and therefore done by more than one individual.


The editors working for us are professionals with vast background knowledge. They are the ones to contact the customer if questions arise.


The problem for this company is that some of our larger customers want their translations the same day or the next morning (sending them to us after hours). Though we have a special arrangement with these special customers not to edit translations done within less than 24 hours, our Translations Manager always uses our best translators in such cases. None of the customers has ever complained.


We offer professional development to both our staff and freelancers. There were several cases when I refused to charge translators for attending our Oil-and-Gas and Translation courses as they wanted to work with our agency after graduation. We have been cooperating ever since.


As mentioned above, running our own interpretation and translation courses makes it easier for us to find new talent. Our professors are the best both as trainers and interpreters. As to the Oil-and-Gas course, our professor there is the author of the only complete text-book on English-Russian translation in oil-and-gas.


Our tracking system allows us to keep similar documents in folders with quick access, i.e. the file-naming system makes it possible to store documents by date, name, and topic.


Our custom-made software makes it possible for our translation manager to check if a part of a new text has already been done. Thus we don’t’ have to charge a customer twice for a part of translation already paid for.


Our translation manager and one of our editors maintain contact with the clients so that we get the latest information on any developments related to these companies. These two members of our staff maintain their own databases with access for everyone working with our company for reference if something is unclear in documents we may get for translation.


As to scheduling, it doesn’t help much to ask our clients that they send us the documents they need translated beforehand: This hardly ever works. But our client is king, so there is not much we can do. We try to negotiate a reasonable deadline when our client asks us to get 300 pages translated on the same day. Otherwise we never argue: If we can technically get something done, we just do it.


If anything we have is close to an integrated system, it’s our projects with two of our giant clients from Germany and Russia. There may be translations (under one project) where the originals come from multiple sources. In such cases we appoint a contact person to keep in touch with the senders so as not to miss any part of the “puzzle” and maintain consistency – both in terms of the inner logic and terminology of the texts.


The scope of each project I am referring to was from 200 to 300 pages a week for several weeks in a row.


I do hope that our company has a chance to participate in projects to come. On my part I can promise high-quality work and a great degree of flexibility. We know this business inside out, and it’s easy to deal with my staff as they are experienced professionals.


With respect,


Dmitri Zaitsev

Sinkhron-Plus Ltd., Moscow